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Helping You Move Forward

I come from an academic background in Philosophy and a professional background in management and team leadership. In my own life I have experienced and have had to overcome issues associated with lack of purpose and a deeper meaning in life, addictions, self confidence and self hatred. I have been depressed, lonely and lost. I have endured those storms and have emerged stronger, wiser, at one with the world and with an enormous peace of mind.


My transformations have been nothing short life-changing. But they required me to face some harsh truths about myself and take ownership of the issues I was facing and most importantly employing help!

 In every moment life has something to teach us, heeding those lessons I now see this world with purpose and unlimited potential.

The profound impact I have experienced in my own life has ignited my passion to help others make their own unique journey to get the most out of their lives and to reach their full potential in, what can be, a complex world.

My passion, my desire and my aspirations are to contribute, as best I can, to building a world where each and every person feels completely at peace with who they are and can face each day with a sense of calm and purpose.

This is, in my opinion, the most noble work a person can do and I’ve committed my life to it.
Let's embark on this journey together.


Samuel Rattu

Prior to working with Dominic I was extremely fearful of emotional vulnerability and this was having a profound negative impact on my relationships with those I cared about. Dominic was able to not only show me where these fears were coming from, but also how to accept them as a healthy part of myself. My relationships as a result have never been stronger.

"He who looks without, dreams; he who looks within, awakes."

Carl Jung

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