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Embrace your greatness

Allow me to help you become the best version of yourself. 
For those who struggle with purpose, ambition and who generally want more out of their lives, let me help clear the fog and accompany you towards achieving your aspirations. Your concept of an ideal life is attainable if you’re willing to open your mind and explore your full potential.

Newcastle Australia


Perform at your peak

Your level of performance cannot surpass the level that your mindset allows.
For those looking to excel, overcome barriers and move to the next level of their careers, I will show you how. I work with procrastination, burn out, lack of motivation and other developmental inhibitors to cultivate a mindset aligned with growth and performance at the highest level.

Business photoshoot


Growing together through integrity

A team built on a foundation of integrity, open and honest communication, trust, respect and collective support for each of its members will understand its own strengths and weaknesses and can successfully devise appropriate strategies to ensure optimal performance.

Any group or team wishing to improve its performance will benefit from my approach. We will work together, building the foundation blocks of acceptance, understanding and empowerment to create a tight, cohesive unit properly aligned to its environment.

Business Team


Inspire and empower

Allow me to motivate your audience, to show that they hold the keys to unlock their full potential and reap the benefits of a uniquely fulfilling life. I will show how the only thing standing between them and the fulfilment of their aspirations is their perspective before sharing alternative view points and techniques to help them move toward their goals.


Samuel Rattu

Prior to working with Dominic I was extremely fearful of emotional vulnerability and this was having a profound negative impact on my relationships with those I cared about. Dominic was able to not only show me where these fears were coming from, but also how to accept them as a healthy part of myself. My relationships as a result have never been stronger.

"Your problems are not in the way, they are the way"

Jason Irving

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