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What my clients have to say about their experience with me

Prior to working with Dominic I was extremely fearful of emotional vulnerability and this was having a profound negative impact on my relationships with those I cared about. Dominic was able to not only show me where these fears were coming from, but also how to accept them as a healthy part of myself. My relationships as a result have never been stronger.

Samuel Rattu

I have been mentored by Dom for the last few months and I must say he is amazing at what he does. He is a great listener, beautiful human, he makes me feel safe and he has lots of wisdom to share to help me create changes in my life. His support is unlimited and he finds the solutions to my problems straight away. I cannot recommend Dom enough, especially if you need help in transforming your mindset and finding your focus drive.

Jasmina Jewell

In only a few sessions with Dom I gained a deep, cohesive understanding of my addictions and the psychological barriers I had constructed to impede taking action in addressing them.  With Dom by my side I kicked these addictions, reclaimed my agency and feel reinvigorated emotionally

Daniel Booth

I made some significant changes in my daily routines after a session with Dom. He is an amazing mentor. Real, honest, great listener and very supportive. I highly recommend booking in to see what changes you can make too.

Cayla Pothan

Dom is a very genuine person. He will help you explore your inner self. I have had a difficult time exploring my own feelings and what they mean. Dom is helping me understand this. 
Thank you Dom.

Mark Sunderland

I have had the great opportunity to be mentored by Dom.  It is his ability to hold space and provide me with advice to make better decisions and gain new perspectives in life, that I will continue to see him. It is for these reasons that I highly recommend him.

Monica Reeves

Dom is a magician of a mentor who provides a safe place full of compassion where you can reveal all of your problems. He listens intently which enables him to see the core issues allowing him to provide support and guidance on ways that you can transform into the best version of yourself. He is very articulate in describing how to get the best out of ourselves and provides relatable examples on steps forward. The fortnightly sessions I have with him are invaluable and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for help and support with their personal development. I'm grateful for all the changes that I have made under his mentorship.

Scott Jewell

Dom helped me through his wisdom. In such a small time I was able to go from feeling stuck to feeling motivated and ready to take on my next challenges. I would highly recommend coaching from Dom. I gained plenty in the short hours I have spent with him.

Kristy Carthew

Dominic has helped me to see what was right in front of me. Providing guidance in a kind and professional manner, he has helped me to grow and change for the better. I strongly recommend having a chat with Dominic to see for yourself.

Joel Gibbons

Dominic is truly a great mentor. He is genuine, passionate and intuitive. He has really helped me identify some blind spots that were holding me back from taking significant action. I highly recommend Dominic to help people work through self imposed limitations and live to their potential

Mark Varitimos

I’d recommend anyone who’s interested to explore personal coaching have a chat with Dom, couldn’t recommend him enough, is excellent.

Marcus Lavalle Smith

"Each person must discover his own philosophy of life, and it is not fair or right to impose our codes upon others. It is also our responsibility, however, to share, one with another, such experiences as may have common value."

Manly P. Hall

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